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Palacio Congresos y Convenciones Madrid
Madrid (Spain)
Organismo Público
Congress and Conference Palace in Madrid
Along with the Congress and Conference Palace of Madrid, we are creating a new public indoor area, vantage point where you can to discover a completely new sight of Madrid, of an area of knowledge, of a concert or about ourselves. From a roofed square we pass to a hall of congressmen’s reception. When you are already there, you can get to any part of the building, formed of various independent blocks: auditoria, banquet halls, spaces servers and administrative spaces and finally to an auditorium and exhibition hall of the capacity of 15000 persons with a panorama of the city in all directions. In this room we arrange a banquet hall of the most exclusive kind, endowed with ample terraces. A passable roof allows us to enjoy views from the outside, to be able to feel the building from the outside, as if we were inside. The importance of this site derives from its ample versatility; the building adopts spaces according to the given situation: a speech is held, there is a classical music concert, a choir or any other performance takes place.
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